Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Israeli Stamps

When I was growing up in New York, I used to collect stamps. I collected from all over the world but I had the most stamps from Israel. I stopped actively collecting over 25 years ago.
Several years ago I decided to join the Israel stamp service. 3-4 times a year the Israeli postal service sends me all the new stamps issued, together with the first day covers and an English and Hebrew flyer describing the stamp. The flyers are very educational and helps one understand the theme of the specific stamp.
Today I received the stamps issued in February and I scanned and posted the stamps, first day covers and flyers on my website at:

One of the "cool" things about Israeli stamps is that the postal authority has issued many stamps with Jewish themes. The stamps range from Jewish holidays (check out the Purim ones) to stamps honoring great Rabbis and leaders. On my website I setup different sections with these cool stamps. I especially like the stamps that relate current issues and places to their biblical roots. You can check out all the stamps sections at:

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