Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Israel Independence Day at the J Site + 100 Hotsites

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Israel Independence Day is celebrated on the 5th day of the
Hebrew month of Iyar. This year (5767/ 2007) the 59th birthday
of the establishment of the state of Israel is celebrated on
Tuesday, April 24, 2007.
(Israel's memorial day was moved from April 22 to April 23 to
avoid Shabbat conflict with the eve of memorial day).

The J Site - Jewish Education and Entertainment


has several entertaining features to celebrate Israel's 59th birthday:

Jewish Trivia Quiz: Israel

What is the national emblem of Israel ?
"Pehsek Zeman" and "Egozi" are what type of Israeli foods ?
Who was the first president of Israel ?
What was the 1917 British Balfour Declaration ?
How long is Israel's coastline ?
What is Israel's Internet country code ?
What was "Operation Babylon" ?
Who were the first two countries to recognize Israel ?
What are Amos and Offeq ?
How many languages are engraved on Israeli coins used today ?

The above questions are examples from over 200 multiple-choice
questions about Israel that may be randomly selected by the online quiz. There are two levels of questions, two timer settings. Both kids and adults will find it enjoyable.

The Israel Geography Game

This Flash game will help you learn about the history and geography of 101 locations in Israel. There is a learning mode and game mode. Find out if you know more about Israel than Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

Israel Clipart

Whether you need a picture for your child's class project, a graphic for your synagogue, Hillel or JCC Independence Day announcement, the Jewish Clipart Database has the pictures for you. You can copy, save and print the graphics in three different sizes.

Israel Word Search Game

Enter the Multilingual Word Search game and choose the
language you would like to play in: English, Hebrew or
Russian. There is an easy mode for the kids and a harder
mode for us big kids. Each game is randomly generated.
Israel topics include:
Jerusalem, Biblical Cities, Kibbutzim, Presidents and Prime
Ministers, Writers, Singers and Israeli Foods.
You can even print out a blank game (and the solution page) for
offline playing.

My Jewish Coloring Book - Israel Pictures

Young kids love to draw and this online coloring book
is made just for them. Three different size "brushes"
and 24 colors to choose from. You can print the completed
color pictures or print black and white outlines to color offline.

My Hebrew Song Book
Over 200 Hebrew songs (with vowels) for viewing and printing.
All songs are in graphic format so you do not need Hebrew installed to view or print them. Your camp fires or sing-a-longs will never be the same.

The J site has something for everyone, but if that is not
enough, I posted on my website 100 links about Israel,
ranging from history and tourism to photographs and stamps.
All 100 links have been reviewed / checked this week.
The web address is:


Happy Israel Independence Day!

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