Thursday, July 26, 2007

Israel solar energy company inks huge solar power deal in California

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As many of you know, I am a big fan / advocate for advancing the use of solar energy and other alternative energy resources. There are several Israeli companies that are making big advances in spreading the use of solar energy around the world.

The Israeli company Solel Solar Systems closed a deal to sell 553 megawatts of electricity to California's PG & E Corp. (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) from a solar power plant that the company will build in the Mojave Desert at an investment of some $2 billion. PG & E's nine-square mile Mojave Solar Park is due to begin operating in 2011. PG&E said that the power, enough for 400,000 homes, will go to customers in northern and central California. The Mojave Solar Park project is now the world's largest single solar commitment.

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It would be super cool if Israel, which has brought many discoveries and inventions to the world, will be in the center of the new energy revolution and be a literal "light" unto the other nations.

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Evan said...

I used to do research on thermal solar as an undergraduate. It would be great if Israel could actually get it to work. After all, we've got plenty of desert here.