Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Facebook Application: Jewish Wisdom

Hi Everyone!

Today I launched a new Facebook application called:
Jewish Wisdom

The application lets you search over 3,000 Jewish proverbs, sayings and quotations from the Jewish Wisdom database and display your favorite on your Facebook profile. The quotations in the database range from the serious to the humorous.

Authors include:

The Talmud, The Bible, Proverbs, Psalms, Maimonides, The Chofetz Chaim, Albert Einstein, Elie Wiesel, David Ben-Gurion, Arthur Miller, Sigmund Freud, Golda Meir, Achad Ha'am, Chaim Nachman Bialik, Henry Kissinger, Rodney Dangerfield, Groucho Marx, Milton Berle, Phyllis Diller, Mel Brooks, Ann Landers, George Burns, Fran Lebowitz, Henry Youngman, Gilda Radner, Jackie Mason, Jerry Seinfeld and many more.

The direct address of the application is:

If you do not have a free Facebook account yet, you can still enjoy the large source of education / entertainment via the new website at:

Feedback is welcome!

Please forward this message to your friends, relatives, co-workers and anyone that would enjoy this rich source of Jewish knowledge.

Have a good day,

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