Thursday, June 12, 2008

Updated List of Jewish and Israeli Groups on Facebook

Hi Everyone!

I just completed an update of the list of Jewish and Israeli groups on Facebook. The list now has 1,102 groups.

The address of the list is:

To make browsing this large list easier, I divided the list into sections including:

Support / Love of Israel
Israeli Causes
Israeli Causes with Donation System
Volunteer in Israel
I Visited or Plan to Visit Israel
IDF Groups
Israel Social Groups
Israeli Cities / Towns / Communities
Israeli Kibbutizm
Israeli Schools and Learning Centers
Israeli Businesses / Innovation / Technology
Israel Sports
In Memory of
Israel Mixed Bag
Israeli Media
Israel Political Parties

Jewish Causes
Jewish Social Groups
Jewish Camps
Jewish Schools
Jewish Inspiration Groups
Jewish Outreach Organizations
Hebrew Language
Yiddish Language
Jews Around the World
Keeping Kosher / Kosher Cooking / Restaurants / Food
Jewish and Israeli Music
Jewish Media
Jewish Business
Jewish Mixed Bag
Jewish Related Facebook Applications

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Have a good day,

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Lady-Light said...

Jacob, you are absolutely incredible. Where do you get the time (and techno knowledge)?!
I'm going to link this blog (bli neder) on mine. I noticed you can't reciprocate: you don't have a blogroll?!
I actually also have some friends in Ma'ale Adumim: the Kurtzers & Devra Ariel, from her blog. Do you know them? Also, is it a viable (read=reasonable $$ wise) place to make aliyah?