Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Hebrew Songbook - Chanukah Songs

Hi Everyone!

Just in time for Chanukah, My Hebrew Songbook is back and now has its own domain and website.

Enter the songbook and choose the category Chanukah. You can view any song online or create printed song sheets with several songs together for a sing along. All Hebrew is graphic so you do not need Hebrew support to view or print the songs. All songs include Hebrew nikud (vowels).

You will find the popular Chanukah songs here (Sivivon, Maoz Tzur, Al Hanisim, Yemay Hanukah, etc...) but also songs that you may have forgotten from many years ago.

Feedback is welcome.

In addition to the Chanukah songs, I updated the following pages:

144 Cool Chanukah Videos on YouTube:

21 Chanukah Humor Files

145 Chanukah Resource Sites


Happy Chanukah!

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