Monday, November 1, 2010

New website: My Jewish Games and a new video: They Spoke Hebrew #3

Hi Everyone!

I created a new website called:
My Jewish Games

This free site includes the following games:

Language Match Game

Learning new words in a foreign language is not easy. This Flash game will make learning a fun experience. There is a choice of two languages: Hebrew or English.
The game has 3 levels and 15 card sets to choose from. Pictures of the items are show on the screen and you can hear the words in your selected language.

Multilingual Word Search

Enter the Multilingual Word Search game and choose the language you would like to play in: English, Hebrew or Russian. There is an easy mode for the kids and a harder mode for us big kids. Each game is randomly generated. You can even print out a blank game (and the solution page) for offline playing.

My Jewish Coloring Book

Young kids love to draw and this online coloring book is made just for them. Three different size "brushes" and 24 colors to choose from. You can print the completed color pictures or print black and white outlines to color offline.

Hebrew Hangman

It's the classic Hangman game recreated in an online Flash version. If you expect your simple "hang the man by the rope" drawing then you are in for a surprise.

Israel Geography Game

This Flash game will help you learn about the history and geography of 101 locations in Israel. There is a learning mode and game mode. Find out if you know more about Israel then Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

Several of the games above are new versions of the orginal games that were on my J site.

Please share this new educational resource with friends, relatives and co-workers. Thank You!

As always, feedback is welcome!
Today, I also created a third video in the "They Spoke Hebrew" series.

The new 18 minute video is called: They Spoke Hebrew!! #3

* More Hebrew scenes from popular movies and television shows
* Everything from The Dick Van Dyke Show to Coupling
* Something for everyone

The address is:

The video is also available on Facebook at:

Please note that due to the size of the video, there may be loading delays while you watch the video for the first time. The second time you watch it, the video should play smoothly.

Feedback is welcome.

If you enjoy the video, please share it with friends.

Have a good night,

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Unknown said...

wow. thanks for sharing the link . tried some of the games . were really fun.

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