Monday, July 9, 2012

New Video: Learn Hebrew Phrases - Business Meeting

Hi Everyone!

I created a new learn Hebrew video called "Business Meeting". The video includes 18 Hebrew phrases with Hebrew audio, Hebrew text with vowels, English translations and transliterations.

The phrases in the new video include:

What time does the meeting start?
What is today's agenda
What are our goals?
Our sales team had a great year.
Our revenues grew during the last quarter.
How can we improve our sales?
Here are some new marketing ideas.
We need to vote on the proposal.
We need to cut costs.
We need a competitive advantage.
What are the results of the marketing survey?
What is the size of the market?
We need to build brand loyalty.
What is the advertising budget?
We will raise money via the stock market.
Any questions?
Thank you all for attending.
The meeting is over.

There are additional Hebrew "business meeting" phrases on the free site.

You can view the video on the website at:
directly on Youtube at:

Feedback is welcome.

Please forward this message to anyone that may be interested in learning Hebrew. Thanks!

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