Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Video: Learn Hebrew Phrases - Greetings, Farewells and Salutations

Hi Everyone!

I created a new learn Hebrew video called:
Greetings, Farewells and Salutations
The video includes 16 Hebrew phrases with Hebrew audio,
Hebrew text with vowels, English translations and transliterations.

Hello / Goodbye / Peace
How are you? (to f)
How are you? (to m)
Good night and sweet dreams.
Have a good day!
Have a happy holiday!
Have a nice weekend!
Have a peaceful Shabbat!
Have a good week!
Have a good month!
What's new?
How are you doing?
How is the family? How is work?
All the best.
So long.

You can view the video on the website at:
directly on Youtube at:

Feedback is welcome.

Please share the video. Thank you!

Chodesh Tov - Have a Good Month,

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