Monday, July 29, 2013

In memory of my parents...

Hi Everyone!

Today, I finished the main section of my roots pages.
The address is:

The first linked page is in memory of my parents:
- Avraham Itzhak and Hennia Richman z"l

Additional pages include:

- Hennia Richman at Bialik School (class photos)

- Avraham Itzhak and Hennia Richman
Ketubah and Marriage Certificate - July 22, 1956

- Avraham Itzhak Richman's Birth Certificate
(Government of Palestine - 1926)

My Roots - Caspi, Grayevski - Jerusalem (my mother's side)

- Pinchas Grayevsky and Family (1873) - Jerusalem

- Shmuel and Tziviah Caspi - Jerusalem

My Roots - Richman - USA, Tzfat, Haifa (my father's side)

- Jack and Rose Richman
Wedding Invitation and Ketubah - June 9, 1918

- Jack Richman Alarm - 1914

- Jack (Jacob) Richman's Passport Application
to Travel to Israel and Make Aliyah in 1922

- Jack Richman Tzfat Identity Cards - 1927, 1949

- 1936 Letter from Baruch Charney Vladeck in New York
to the Richman family in Haifa, Israel

- Jack Richman Memorial Monument in Tzfat

Additional pages will be added in the near future.

Shavua Tov - Have a good week,

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