Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hebrew Passover Songs with Audio/Video, Hebrew text (with Nikud - vowels) and English translations

Hi Everyone!

I added 5 Hebrew Passover songs to my Hebrew Language site at:

Each song has a Hebrew video/audio, Hebrew lyrics (with
Nikud - vowels) and an English translation.

The direct links are:
Order of the Passover Seder (Kadesh Urchatz)

What has changed? (Mah Nishtana?)

When Israel came forth out of Egypt (Betzeit Yisrael Mimitzrayim)

It Would Have Been Enough for Us! (Dayenu!)

Who Knows One? (Echad Mi Yodea?)

Below are additional free Passover sites:

Passover Educational Resources

Passover Humor

Passover Hebrew Phrases (with English translations)

English - Hebrew Passover Vocabulary Study Sheets

336 Passover Videos (including 46 new ones from this year)


Have a Kosher and Happy Passover!
Pesach Kasher Ve'Sameach!

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