Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chinese and French translations added to Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Hi Everyone!

As of today, the free website, "Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio",
has four language interfaces: English, Hebrew, French and Chinese.
Russian and Spanish interfaces are scheduled for later this month.
All Hebrew phrases have been translated into the selected language.
The topic list and search function also display in the selected language.

Access the main menu for each language below:





You can switch interface languages from any of the above pages.

"Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio" is a free online educational
resource to learn Hebrew phrases and sentences.
The site incorporates 54 topics with 1,215 Hebrew phrases
and sentences. The Hebrew phrases are presented as images
with nikud [vowels]. Below each Hebrew phrase is the translation
and transliteration in the selected language.
The high quality audio was created in a sound studio.
The site includes 157 Hebrew study sheets for learning offline.

Please share the site with anyone that would like to learn or
improve their Hebrew.
Thank you.

Have a good day,

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