Wednesday, January 28, 2015

70 multiple choice questions about Jewish food

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I added 70 multiple choice questions about Jewish food to the Jewish Trivia Quiz. There are two levels of questions and three timer settings.

Level 1 sample questions:
What is the name of the Shabbat stew made with beans, beef, barley and potatoes?
What is a babka?
What food is considered Jewish penicillin?
What is the name of the most popular Israeli peanut butter-flavored snack?
What is the name for kosher slaughtering?

Level 2 sample questions:
What are the two main ingredients of shakshuka?
What are the main ingredients of the Libyan Jewish Sephardic dish called mafrum?
When did American style bagels start to be popular in Israel?
What type of soup is Krupnik?
What are some Sephardic names for cholent?

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