Wednesday, April 1, 2015

403 Passover Videos including 56 new ones

Hi Everyone!

I have been updating the Passover video list at:

The updated list has 56 new videos for Passover including these:

- Passover Seder Rube Goldberg Machine from Technion in Israel
- The Maccabeats - Dayenu - Passover
- Six13 - Uptown Passover
- Aish: Passover Funk - "Uptown Funk" Parody
- Boys Town Jerusalem Sing Ma Nishtana
- Mama Doni Band - Streit's 4th Annual Passover Palooza
- Can't Eat This - Passover Parody (U Can't Touch This) by Julie Geller
- Part the Waters song by Julie Geller
- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin on Parshat Tzav
- Boca Raton Hillel Day School Pesach Video
- JJEP Happy For Pesach
- Children's Pesach Hebrew Songs (Hop Channel)
- A Bissel of Pesach
- Passover Seders at the Home of Yiddish Writer Solomon Simon
- Joy of Kosher: Creamy Peach & Banana Matzo Brie Bake
- Chabad Naples: Model Matzah Bakery
- The 2015 Pesach Miracle (commercial)
- Not Just Kind, by Shlomo Horwitz
- Hebrew Pesach Commercial (Supersol Deal)
- Colel Chabad Pesach 2015
- Happy Pesach! Pesach with Akiva 2015
- Passover Seder - Mendy Pellin Stand up Comedy
- Pesach Video Hand in Hand in Israel
- 6th Grade in Nahariah Israel making Matzot
- Hebrew Pesach Commercial (Isracard)
- Pesach is Coming - Time for Matzah Baking!
- JMT: Sing Along with Us to Ma Nishtana (The Four Questions)
- JFS Pesach Greeting 2015
- Aryeh Rosenfield - Passover
- Chabad 5 Towns Passover Music Video
- Bnot Sherut 2015 BMA- Passover Video
- University of Haifa Passover Clip
- Passover Seders 2015 at Chabad NDG
- Happy Passover from the Mayor of Bat Yam (Hebrew)
- Harry's Video Blog - Pharoah's Pajamas: Passover
- Ambassador Shapiro Prepares for Pesach in Kfar Chabbad
- The Wondering Jew: Why do we clean so much for Pesach?
- Uptown Passover Funk Mashup
- Temple Emunah Presents "The Animated 10 Plagues of Passover"
- Passover: Food & Diet, Cantor Mo Glazman
- Rav Rimon - Kashering an Oven for Pesach (Hebrew with English subs.)
- Pesach Preparations in Tsfat 2 (comic relief)
- Hanc Third Grade Pesach Adventure
- Renowned Chazzan R’ Pinchos Rabinovicz at Matzah Bakery
- My Passover Seder feat. The Jabberwocks of Brown University
- My Favorite Seder Song "Ki Lo Naeh" (Aryeh Sonnenberg)
- Students of Chofei Hagalil Sing Dayenu (with illustrations)
- Chad Gadya sung by Sassi Keshet (1971)
- Chad Gadya sung by Shmuel Perednik and Amichai Meter
- The Nosher: How to Make Fluffy Matzah Balls
- The Rabbi & The Chef: Passover Episode - Charoset
- Happy Passover from Keren Hayesod UIA
- Chag Pesach Sameach - Photos of Agmon Hahulla
- What's the best thing about Pesach? (Jewish News TV)
- Bruriah Soundbytes Presents: Pesach Time
- IDF Kimcha DPischa in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem
- Tomchei Shabbos Pesach Distribution Lakewood
- Passover Party for Shoah Survivors (Tel-Aviv Port)
- Pesach Message from Rabbi Lau - Chief Rabbi of Israel (Hebrew)


Happy Passover!
Chag Sameach!

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