Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Israeli Stamps including 12 Israeli Love Songs

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I scanned and posted on my website the new Israeli stamps that were issued in June 2017.
I included the stamp itself, the first day cover, and an English and a Hebrew flyer about the stamp.

Israeli Music - Love Songs
- "Atur Mitzchech Zahav Shachor" - Your Forehead is Decorated in Gold and Black
- "Brit Olam" - Universal Convenant
- "Lechol Echad Yesh" - Everyone Has
- "Zemer Nogeh" - Melancholy Song
- "Hayu Leilot" - There were Nights
- "Slichot" - Forgiveness
- "Haperach Begani" - The Flower in my Garden
- "Kshe'or Dolek Bechalonech" - When the Light is on in your Window
- "Tapuchim Ut'marim" - Apples and Dates
- "Rosa Rosa"
- "Pgisha Le'Ein Ketz" - A Meeting to Eternity
- "Hachnisini Tachat Knafech" - Take Me Under Your Wings

I am sure many people will be interesting in hearing the songs I created a new video page that features the 12 songs:

Additional stamps issued in June include:

- The 20th Maccabiah

- World War One in Eretz Israel Centenary
General Allenby Entering Jerusalem - 1917

- Ride Safely

The new stamp images and flyers are located at:

Images are also posted on Facebook at:

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