Monday, June 11, 2018

English - Hebrew "Summer" Vocabulary and additions to my free Learn Hebrew resources

Hi Everyone!

Do you know the Hebrew words for: air conditioner, bathing suit, beach, fan, flip-flops, ice, ice cream, kite, lifeguard, shade, sun, sunglasses, suntan, swimming pool, waves ?

Start learning 63 summer related words at:

I added several new sections to my free resources to learn Hebrew page at:
The sections include:
- Selected Hebrew Alef Bet Songs on Youtube
- Selected Hebrew Songs on Youtube
- Free Hebrew Phone Apps
- Free Hebrew Fonts
- Free Hebrew Virtual Keyboards and Programs

Not related to Hebrew, but something you may find enjoyable, I updated my Oldies Music Videos on YouTube page at:

There are now 115 cool songs on the embedded playlist. You can play the list directly on the page or click to
watch individual videos on Youtube.

Please share with friends. Thank you!

Stay cool and have a great summer,

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