Monday, January 8, 2007

About this blog

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to everyone that emailed me with their encouraging comments. Most blogs start with an introduction message. My blog has it as the third posting. I am still learning the ropes.

I have been in Israel since 1984 and I have been actively using the Internet since the early 90's. In 1993 I launched the CJI (Computer Jobs in Israel) report in which I list computer job openings but also some tidbits about life in Israel. I have other lists that I run ranging from pre-holiday resource announcements to updates about my websites. I also get a lot of email. Hundreds a week and sometimes hundreds a day (including spam).

Over the past few months I have been getting and reading more negative things than positive ones. This is one of the reasons that I started this blog.

My plan (b"h) is to post 1-3 items a week that will bring a smile to your face or make you feel good at least for few minutes (and hopefully more). I am open to suggestions but please do not send me publicity or marketing items for this blog. All posting suggestions should include at least 1-2 valid sources that I can verify the information. When you send a suggestion please put: Blog Suggestion in the subject. My email is posted on my website (not posting it here to avoid spam).
I plan to be very selective in what I post so do not take offense if I do not use your suggestion. If it is something nice / interesting, but not for this blog, I may post it at:

I added a feedburner link (includes RSS and Atom) to the bottom right of the blog for those that would like to subscribe to this blog using a blog reader (ie: Google Reader, Yahoo Reader, etc..) . For those unfamiliar with blog readers, these free programs allow you to read updates from various blogs you like (and websites) all in one place. It beats visiting every blog and website to see if there are new postings.

I think that covers everything that I should have mentioned on day one. Until the next posting......
Have a great day,


Rabbi Seinfeld said...

Great idea, looking forward to some good news.

mirskym said...

Wonderful idea! There are several news sheets about Israel left around the shuls on Shabbat here in Toronto, all with political news and all of it negative. The joke around here is that it's asur to read them on Shabbat because it makes you depressed (maybe no joke!).

Nobody would want to make aliyah reading only these sheets. So a blog like your's is well overdue!


Aishman said...

Great idea, I always look at the Aliya picture links keep up the good work

David said...

Keep it up. Although I am addicted to political blogs like Little Green Footballs, Daniel Pipes and Melanie Phillips I have long felt that Israel needs a good news blog.

David said...


That should have been written as a 'good-news' blog.

Renata Klevan said...

so interesting
I started today my new israeli blog too:-)
Let's exchange links

Avi Green said...

Excellent idea. Good news is certainly something we all need.