Thursday, January 4, 2007

Pictures of the Aliyah - Klita Fair in Jerusalem

Hi Everyone!
This week I attended an aliyah - klita fair at the Nefesh B'Nefesh
offices in Jerusalem. During the fair, Teudat Zehut cards
(Israeli citizen id cards) were distributed to the olim that
came on the recent aliyah flights from North America and
I posted 95 pictures of the klita fair at:
When the first page appears, press the F11 key
to view the full length of the pictures. To move from page to page,
use the navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen.
Congratulations to the new citizens of Israel.
Have a great day,


Gilly said...


I've certainly seen the pictures and have sent them on to various colleagues. Yashar Koach!

Jameel said...

Mazal Tov on your new blog (and to the new olim ;-)

smb said...

wow you have a blog, excellent

gittelanu said...

GOOD NEWS ! just what israel needs good news. also LOVE your aliyah pictures. always makes me cry with joy to see a jew come home. 20 years and loving it mazel tov

alejandro said...

I always read our comments and watch the pictures of the events.

Mazal Tov