Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pictures of the International Jewish Bloggers Convention in Jerusalem

Hi Everyone!

Today, August 20, 2008, I attended the first International Jewish Bloggers Convention in Jerusalem. It was great meeting, face-to-face, the people behind the Jewish Blogsphere.

A big thank you to everyone that worked on making this event a success.

I posted 143 pictures of the convention on my website at:

I also copied all 143 pictures to Facebook for name tagging.
There are three sets of pictures and the address of the first set is:

If you have a Facebook acccount and you are in the pictures or see someone you know, please feel free to name tag the pictures.

Enjoy the pictures and have a good night,


M said...

Thank you. I enjoyed the pictures. Were you the official Nefesh B'Nefesh photgrapher? Cuz the picture with me in it I remember being taken by a woman, not you. :)

Jacob Richman said...

I am not the NBN photographer.
I just take these pictures as a hobby promoting Israel,Jewish and aliyah related events.

M said...

Thank you.

Ehav Ever said...

Great pictures. That is me in 2037, and I also live in Maale Adummim. I hope you don't mind I posted a link to your photos on my blog.

Though you were not the official NBN photographer, you take really good quality photos. Especially, 2037. lol

Jacob Richman said...

No problem on the posting pictures.
Where in Ma'aleh Adumim do you live ?
Shabbat Shalom,