Sunday, December 25, 2011

Second Temple Era Seal Discovered

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The Israel Antiquities Authority unveiled a rare ancient seal that underscores the bond of the Jewish people to Jerusalem. The tiny seal, that likely certified the purity of ritual objects used in the Second Temple, was discovered in an excavation near the Temple Mount.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Giant Chanukiah in Mevaseret Adumim

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This evening, 2nd candle lighting of Chanukah, a group of enthusiastic youths and adults from Ma'ale Adumim built a giant Chanukiah in Mevaseret Adumim.
The Chanukiah was made with approximately 400 candles with sand in falafel bags placed on the side of the mountain. Anyone traveling tonight and tomorrow night on the Jerusalem - Dea Sea highway will be able to see the lit Chanukiah. This is a unique way to publicize the miracle of Chanukah.

Photos of the above can be seen at:

and a 10 minute video can be viewed at:

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

129 Chanukah Hotsites, 276 Chanukah Videos and a Virtual Chanukah Party

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Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, is observed for eight days, beginning on the evening of the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev. This year Chanukah starts Tuesday evening, December 20, 2011.

Chanukah is a wonderful holiday of renewed dedication, faith, hope and spiritual light. It's a holiday that says: "Never lose hope." Chanukah commemorates the victory of a small band of Maccabees over the pagan Syrian-Greeks who ruled over Israel.

The Jewish Trivia Quiz

What does the Hebrew word Chanukah mean ?
What type of foods do we specificaly eat on Chanukah ?
What activities are forbidden during Chanukah ?
Are woman obligated to light the menorah ?
How many candles do we need for all of Chanukah ?
Which family was Judah the Maccabee from ?
How many branches did the menorah in the temple have ?

The above questions are examples from the multiple choice Flash quiz. There are two levels of questions, two timer settings. Both kids and adults will find it educational and enjoyable.

Free Chanukah Clipart

Whether you need a picture for your child's class project, a graphic for your synagogue, Hillel or JCC Chanukah announcement, the Jewish Clipart Database has the pictures for you. You can copy, save and print the graphics in three different sizes.

There are now 276 (yes, 276!) Cool Chanukah video links at:

There is something for everyone.
This year's new videos include:
The Yeshiva Boys Choir - "Those Were The Nights (of Chanukah)"
Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages - Official Hanukkah Video
The Shlomones - The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song
Crash Course on Chanukah
The Maccabeats - Miracle - Matisyahu - Hanukkah
Six13 - Chanukah Rights!
Chanukah 2011 - Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County
All I do is spin- Hannukah Parody (all i do is win)
Shalom Sesame: Making Olive Oil
Happy Chanukah decoration for 2011
Hanukkah 2011 - All Of The Lights
Learn Hebrew Chanukah Video
Mama Doni's "The Legend of Sour Cream Vs. Apple Sauce"
Chabad of BelAir - A True Chanukah Story
The Miracle of Hanukkah
Happy Chanukah from the Jewish Home!
Eat In Good Health! A Cooking Show in Yiddish with English subtitles
Failed Hanukah Classics
MEF Band - Dreidel Dance (in Okinawa Japan on Camp Foster)
Maoz Tzur Yeshuati - Meni Maimon Cohen
and many more....

To learn more about Chanukah, I posted on my website 129 site links, ranging from from laws and customs to games and recipes. Site languages include English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian.
The address is:

Last but not least, you are cordially invited to the 3rd Annual Virtual Chanukah Party. No entrance fee and you may bring all your friends.
The virtual party address is listed at:

See you online.

Please forward this message to relatives and friends, so they may benefit from these holiday resources. Thanks!

Happy Chanukah!
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Israeli Stamps

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I scanned and posted on my website the new Israeli stamps that were issued in December 2011.

I included the stamp itself, the first day cover,
and an English and a Hebrew flyer about the stamp.

- The Valley Railway

- The Israel Philharmoic Orchestra 75th Anniversary

- Rescue Forces - Giving It Their All

- Israeli Football Legends
Avi Cohen (1956-2010)
Menachem Ashkenazi (1934-2000)
Nahum Stelmach (1936-1999)
Jerry Beit Halevi (1912-1997)
Eli Fuchs (1924-1992)
Shmuel Ben-Dror (1924-2009)
Natan Panz (1917-1948)
Ya'akov Grundman (1939-2004)
Avi Ran (1963-1987)
Ya'akov Hodorov (1927-2006)

The new stamp images are located at:

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The Facebook address is:

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