Thursday, June 29, 2017

Videos and photos of the International Festival of Light in Jerusalem

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Last night, I went to the opening night of the International Festival of Light exhibition in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The exhibition is open from 8:00pm to 11:00pm till July 6. I did not get to view all the light exhibits. Expect to spend at
least 2-3 hours walking around. If you have limited time, make sure to view exhibit #22 called Solaris at the Hurva Square.
I took a video of this unique audio-visual display which was projected on the side wall of the Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.

In addition to the Festival of Light, outside the Old City walls near Yaffo Gate there was a special light and audio show in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. I took a video of the first part which includes a brief history of Jerusalem.

I posted three videos and a link to the photos at:

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Israeli Stamps including 12 Israeli Love Songs

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I scanned and posted on my website the new Israeli stamps that were issued in June 2017.
I included the stamp itself, the first day cover, and an English and a Hebrew flyer about the stamp.

Israeli Music - Love Songs
- "Atur Mitzchech Zahav Shachor" - Your Forehead is Decorated in Gold and Black
- "Brit Olam" - Universal Convenant
- "Lechol Echad Yesh" - Everyone Has
- "Zemer Nogeh" - Melancholy Song
- "Hayu Leilot" - There were Nights
- "Slichot" - Forgiveness
- "Haperach Begani" - The Flower in my Garden
- "Kshe'or Dolek Bechalonech" - When the Light is on in your Window
- "Tapuchim Ut'marim" - Apples and Dates
- "Rosa Rosa"
- "Pgisha Le'Ein Ketz" - A Meeting to Eternity
- "Hachnisini Tachat Knafech" - Take Me Under Your Wings

I am sure many people will be interesting in hearing the songs I created a new video page that features the 12 songs:

Additional stamps issued in June include:

- The 20th Maccabiah

- World War One in Eretz Israel Centenary
General Allenby Entering Jerusalem - 1917

- Ride Safely

The new stamp images and flyers are located at:

Images are also posted on Facebook at:

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Learn English with Jokes and Riddles - over 300 jokes and riddles

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Reading English jokes and riddles is a fun way
to learn English culture, grammar and vocabulary.
Learn English with Jokes and Riddles
has over 300 jokes and riddles.
All jokes and riddles are suitable for all ages.

1. What stays in a corner but goes all around the world?
3. What is full of holes but can hold water?
26. What can you catch but not throw?
27. What goes up and down but doesn't move?
24. What is bigger when it is upside down?
65. Which letter of the alphabet is a drink?
67. Which letter of the alphabet is a vegetable?
70. What has many keys but can't open any doors?
221. What are twins' favorite fruits?
234. What becomes white when it gets dirty?
235. What do an air conditioner and a computer have in common?
248. What gets wetter the more it dries?
259. Which word in the English language uses all the vowels including "y"?
278. What is the most slippery country in the world?
287. What part of your body is the noisiest?
323. What has cities without houses, rivers without water, and forests without
331. What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?

See the answers at:

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English - Hebrew "Summer" Vocabulary

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Do you know the Hebrew words for:
air conditioner, bathing suit, beach, fan, flip-flops,
ice, ice cream, kite, lifeguard, shade, sun, sunglasses,
suntan, swimming pool, waves ?

Start learning 63 summer related words at:

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