Thursday, June 29, 2023

Updated: Hebrew Song Page: Lecha Dodi

 Hi Everyone!

I updated the Hebrew song page Lecha Dodi at:

The page contains Hebrew lyrics with English transliteration

and translation and 31 unique videos of the traditional Jewish 

song welcoming the Shabbat.

FYI: There are 14 Hebrew Shabbat song pages - Zemirot Shabbat at:

Listening to and understanding Hebrew songs 

is a fun way to improve your Hebrew.


Please share. Thank You!

Shabbat Shalom,


Tuesday, June 27, 2023

47th Anniversary of Mivtsa Yonatan, Flora Photos and Happy Birthday America


Hi Everyone!

On June 27 1976, an Air France flight from Tel-Aviv to Paris via Athens 

was hijacked and forced to land in Entebbe, Uganda. 

The Jewish passengers were separated and held hostage in demand 

to release many terrorists held in Israeli prisons. 

After much debate, the Israeli government sent an elite commando unit 

to raid the airfield and release the hostages. The commando unit, 

aircraft crews and the rescued hostages landed in Israel on July 4, 1976.

Yonatan Netanyahu, the commander of the first aircraft’s Sayeret Matkal rescue unit, 

was shot and killed while helping hostages return to the aircraft.

"Operation Entebbe" was later named "Operation Yonatan" in honor 

of Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Netanyahu z"l.

I created a page with images, newspaper headlines, videos 

and articles about the historic Israeli rescue.

May the memory of Yoni Netanyahu be for a blessing,


Today, I took a long walk in Ma'ale Adumim

and took photos of flora. I posted them at:

Enjoy the photos!


In honor of the United States of America Independence Day,

I created a page with 13 unique videos and 10 cool USA maps.


Please share the pages. Thank you!

Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!

Happy Entebbe Day!

Jacob Richman

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Photo of Jerusalem from Space

 Hi Everyone!

UAE Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi shared an image of 

Jerusalem from space at night.


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Have a good week!

Shavua Tov,


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

English - Hebrew "Summer" Vocabulary + JR Updates


Hi Everyone!

Do you know the Hebrew words for:

air conditioner, bathing suit, beach, fan, flip-flops,

ice, ice cream, kite, lifeguard, shade, sun, sunglasses,

suntan, swimming pool, waves ?

Start learning 63 summer related words at:

I recently updated these pages:

JR Links

47th Anniversary of Mivtsa Yonatan

Jewish Cartoons

Clever Humor

Old Tech Humor

Have a great summer!


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Photos of the Jerusalem Book Fair

 Hi Everyone!

Today, I went to the Jerusalem Book Fair at the First Station

(the original train station in Jerusalem).

There was a good turnout for the first day of the book fair.

After 38 years in Israel, I still get a kick out of seeing the covers

of English books I read when I was a kid but with Hebrew titles and text.

You can see some examples in the photos I took today.

The photos are posted at:

Enjoy and please share. Thank You!

Have a good night,


Thursday, June 1, 2023

Only in Israel - Landscapes of Israel on Nutella Labels

 Hi Everyone!

Tonight, I was shopping at the Rami Levy Supermarket in Mishor Adumim

and I discovered Nutella jars with special edition labels of 

Israeli Landscapes. I took photos and posted them at:

Cool! Only in Israel!

Today, Friday, there will be a heatwave in Israel.

Stay indoors and drink.


Shabbat Shalom,