Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Purim Update: Over 530 Cool Videos and Purim Hotsites Additions

Hi Everyone!

There are over 530 Purim videos posted at:


The list includes 30 new videos for Purim 5781 - 2021:

- Israel Klezmer Orchestra - Mi Shenichnas Adar 

- Mishalot Boys Choir - Purim Medley 

- Jerusalem Boy's Choir - Purim Songs 

- Rabotai Jewish A Capella: Girls Like You - Purim Parody

- Purim with Mayim Bialik - You Know How I Know?

- Gula: Purim Medley and Purim Play

- Naftali Blumenthal - Mi Shenichnas Adar

- Purim @ CSI 5781 Promo

- CTI Purim Play Pandemic Edition: Mamma Mia 2021 

- Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler: Webdvar Purim 5781

- Rabbi Yona Metzger: The Secret of Megilat Esther 

- How to Make Rainbow MamanTaschen!!!

- Congrefation Bet El - Esther HaMalka: A Purim 5781 Music Video

- "KAVOD-19" - Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos - Purim 2021

- Purim Corona Anthem 

- Merav Housman: Mishloach Manot from Fairy Tales 

- Avraham Deitch - Purim Medley 

- Everyday Jewish Mom: Purim: The Basics / What is Purim?

- Hebrew Purim Songs mixed with Abba Tunes

- Sruli Broncher featuring Meir Green - Adeloyada

- CBI Office Purim Hamen Gragger Video

- Dj Roi Cohen - Azamra Djs 2021

- Shimon Celebrates Purim 

- PAS Hamantashen / Purim Commercial

- Gut Purim - Eitan Katz

- JKids Story Time Sammy Spider's First Purim

- Ruti's Theater: Purim Stories for Kids 

- Paintings by Didi: How to Draw a Purim Clown

- N12 News: Purim Costumes and Corna 

- Purim Eyes - Ari Abramowitz: The Land of Israel Fellowship

Educational and Fun Resources for Purim


Recent additions:

- HaMizrachi Torah-based Magazine: Purim Edition 

- Ohrnet: Parsha Insights - Terumah and Purim 

- Torah Tidbits: Quick Purim Review 

- OU Purim Guidance for Shuls and Communities

- OU: Purim Meshulash - triple Purim - in Jerusalem

Rules and Rationale by Rabbi Daniel Mann 

- Rabbi Moshe Wolfson: Purim Meshulash: The Perfect Purim 

- Philo Torah: Purim Review

- Purim Booklet written by women in Ma'ale Adumim 


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Happy Purim!

Purim Sameach!


Sunday, February 21, 2021

New: Telegram Educational and Fun Resources

 Hi Everyone!

I created a new resource page called:

Telegram Educational and Fun Resources



Feedback and additional resources are welcome.

Please share. Thank you!

Have a good week!

Shavua Tov!


Monday, February 8, 2021

Educational and Fun Resources for Purim

 Hi Everyone!


Purim, the fun-filled Jewish holiday, falls on the

14th of the Hebrew month of Adar. This year Purim

begins Thursday night February 25, 2021.

The following resources will help you appreciate and 

enjoy the holiday.


The Jewish Trivia Quiz



Purim Trivia

Why do people eat poppy seeds on Purim ? 

From what tribe was Mordecai ? 

Why was Haman angry at Mordechai ? 

Who was queen of Persia before Esther ? 

Esther had another name, what was it ? 

How many times is Haman's name mentioned in the megillah ? 

What did the king do when he couldn't sleep ? 

What does the word "Esther" mean ? 

How many advisors did king Achashverosh have ? 


The above questions are examples from the multiple choice 

quiz. There are two levels of questions, two timer settings.

Both kids and adults will find it enjoyable.


English Hebrew Purim vocabulary study sheets. 



Free Purim Clipart 



Whether you need a picture to attach to your "Mishloach Manot",

a picture for your child's class project, a graphic for your 

synagogue, Hillel or JCC Purim announcement, the Jewish Clipart 

Database has the pictures for you. 

You can copy, save and print the graphics in three different sizes. 


New: Purim Stickers for Whatsapp


New: Purim Stickers for Telegram


Purim Humor Files - Purim Shpiel / Plays and funny stuff


Worth printing several to entertain your guests at the 

Purim Seudah - festive meal.


Purim Videos on YouTube


Over 480 videos ranging from Purim Shpiels to funny gags.

New videos will be added as be get closer to Purim.


My Playlist of Purim Songs on Spotify


Purim Photo Gallery


Purim Coloring Pages:


Megilat Esther - Online and PDF - English and Hebrew Versions


To learn more about Purim, I posted on my website 

86 site links, ranging from from laws and customs to games and 

recipes. Site languages include English, Hebrew, Russian, 

Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian.

 The web address is:


All the links in this message are included on the hotsites page.


Feedback is welcome.


Please forward this message to relatives and friends, 

so they may benefit from these holiday resources. Thank you!




Have a good day and

an early Happy Purim!


Thursday, February 4, 2021

New Layout: The Aliyah Photo Gallery - Over 13,000 Photos

 Hi Everyone!

Over the past several weeks, I changed the layout of

the Aliyah Photo Gallery pages to make it easier

to view the photos and navigate the site on smartphones,

tablets and computers.

The gallery has over 13,000 photos from the past 17 years.

If you or your friends or relatives took part in any of the 

welcome home events or you simply want to get some

uplifting inspiration, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes

or hours browsing the photos of these exciting / historical events.

The Aliyah Photo Gallery


Enjoy the photos!

Please share. Thank you!

May the aliyah from all over the world grow and bring 

more Jews back to their homeland, Eretz Yisrael.

Stay safe and healthy!

Have a good day,