Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Large Hotsites Update including Passover, Writing, Literature, Women, Zoo Cameras, Humor, Animals, Science, Kids Science, etc..

Hi Everyone!

I continue to review and update many sections of my hotsites directory which I started over 22 years ago.

The following sections include many changes and additions:

Passover Hotsites

Writing Resources

Online Literature Resources

Resources about Women

Live Cameras including Zoo feeds

Humor including your favorite comic strips

Education - Animals / Insects

Education - Science includes biology, chemistry,
inventors and inventions, physics, science magazines
additional topics will be added

Kids - Animals

Kids - Science including great flash educational sites

Kids Free Coloring Pages - online and offline
and Advanced / Adult Coloring Pages
Coloring can be very therapeutic for adults

Learn Hebrew
added Hebrew crossword puzzles

Additional sites / suggestions are welcome!


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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Over 400 Purim Videos including 48 new ones for 5779 - 2019

Hi Everyone!

There are over 400 Purim videos posted at:

The list includes 48 new videos for Purim 5779 - 2019:

- Purim Medley - with Droremi (Hebrew songs)
- Purim at the US Embassy in Jerusalem (humor)
- Avraham Fried performs for Soldiers for Purim
- Purim Medley 2019 - Israel Sosna & Band
- Purim - New York Boys Choir - Hipil Pur
- Breslev: Megillat Esther as never told before!
- A Purim Message from the White House (humor)
- Purim Medley - Micha Gamerman (SHATZ Remix)
- Purim Medley - with Orian Terry (Hebrew songs)
- Purim Lecha Dodi Degalim
- Short Kids Stories for Purim (Hebrew)
- Lev Cafe #1: Purim Unmasked
- Purim and the Secret to Happiness
- Happy Purim: Brothers In A Barbershop
- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin on Purim (Parshat Vayikra, Zachor)
- Rabbanit Sally Mayer "Why do we read the Megilla twice on Purim?"
- The Four Mitzvot of Purim
- The Death of Stalin: The Untold Purim Story
- The Story of Megillat Esther for Kids (Hebrew)
- Morah Shifras Purim Dancing Song
- Why We Dress Up On Purim - Rabbi Mintz
- Purim: The Last Laugh - Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair
- Purim Adloyada Parade in Elkana
- Avrum Moshe Bardugo - Venoihapoichu - Purim (Hebrew Song)
- Purim: The Hidden Story of Queen Esther - Rabbi Avraham Reisman
- Not Easy Being Purim (Hebrew, humor)
- Purim challah - bake with your kids!
- My Jewish Mommy Life - Best Hamentashen Recipe!
- "Purim Shark" - Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos - Purim 2019
- Hop Channel: Do it yourself Mishloach Manot
- Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald: Standing Up For Ourselves: A Purim Message
- Aish Video: Amazing Purim Artifacts
- Purim Shalva Jerusalem (Hebrew)
- Yeshiva Guevoha - The Chosen - Purim 2019 - Music Video (Brazil)
- Harry´s Video Blog - Jimmy Olsen´s Watch: Purim
- News4JAX: Celebrating Purim
- 2019 Marvelous Purim Schpiel
- Vegan options for celebrating Purim
- Purim 2019 - Yaptzik Klezmer - Purim Klezmer
- YNET: Celebrating Purim at School
- Purim Hebrew Song with Russian Translation
- Bring Joy to the People of Israel this Purim with Israel365
- Ten Little Hamentashen - Rebbetzin Tap
- Medical Clowns (Hebrew)
- Purim: How to Live a Happy and Meaningful Life
- Y-Studs - "Mahapecha Shel Simcha" (Hebrew Song)
- How is Esther better than Gal Gadot?
- Webdvar -Purim - Tzav 5779
- Yes Stars interviewed about Purim Costumes (Hebrew)

I also added photo to the Purim Photo Gallery at:


Happy Purim!
Purim Sameach!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Large Hotsites Update including Learn English, Kids Reading, Kids Games, Astronomy, Purim

Hi Everyone!

This week, I continued to review and update many sections of my hotsites directory which I started over 22 years ago.

The following sections include many changes and additions:

Learn English

Online Reading Resources for Kids
including cool read-aloud English websites

Books and Reading Resources

Kids Games


Online Fun
added many more fun links over the past week

Learn Hebrew
added children stories and songs including Hebrew Disney songs

I also updated the Purim sites including:

Purim Hotsites

Purim Videos

Purim Humor
including Purim Shpiel / Purim Plays


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Stay Safe!
Shabbat Shalom,

Monday, March 4, 2019

New Israeli Educational Stamps including the Purim Mitzvahs

Hi Everyone!

I posted online images of the new Israeli stamps that were
issued in March 2019:

The Purim Mitzvahs
- Reading the Book of Esther
- Festive Purim Banquet
- Mishlo'ach Manot
- Gifts for the Needy

Mountains in Israel
- Mount Meron
- Mount Karkom

Birds in Israel - Coraciiformes
- European Bee-eater - Merops apiaster
- Blue-cheeked Bee-eater - Merops persicus
- Little Green Bee-eater - Merops orientalis
- European Roller - Coracias garrulus
- Common Kingfisher - Alcedo atthis

- Science Oriented Youth

- Greetings - Happy Birthday

- Fighter Jets in the Israeli Air Force
Supermarine Spitfire IX
F35I Lightning II
(ATM Machine Label)

The new stamp images are posted at:

In a Facebook album at:

On Instagram at:


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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Updated: Online Fun including Crossword Puzzles

Hi Everyone!

It has been years since I updated the online fun hotsites. Tonight, I cleared out all the closed sites and made changes and additions to the list. I created a new page for the list at:

The page includes websites with crossword puzzles. The first site listed has daily printable crossword puzzles
and an archive going back several years. I do not do crossword puzzles - when time permits, I play free online Lexulous and Scrabble via Facebook.
However, I enter the crosswords site once every week or two and I download six daily crossword puzzles in
PDF format. I also screen capture images of the six answer sheets. Why?
A few months ago, an older friend had to move to an old age home in Jerusalem. I found out that she likes
crossword puzzles but she does not have online access. I asked for the email of the administration office
and I email them the PDF's and images and they print and deliver them to her room. She enjoys doing the
puzzles and doing word games keeps the mind active.
BTW - I try to send just six PDFs in an email in order not to be a burden on the kind staff and I wait a few days before sending the answers.

I thought this tidbit was worth sharing in order to bring some joy to others.

Please share. Thank you!

Have a good night / morning,
Jacob Richman