Sunday, March 21, 2021

Update: Passover resources, videos and humor

 Hi Everyone!

Here are the latest updates to the Passover resources:

My Playlist of 182 Passover Songs on Spotify

Passover Hotsites

I added links: 

- Torah Tidbits: Practical Halachot for Shabbat Erev Pesach - pdf

- HaMizrachi Torah-based Magazine: Passover Edition - pdf

- Yeshiva University Torah To-Go Pesach Edition - pdf

- Pardes: Elmad: An Interactive Seder Experience - pdf

- OU Guide to Passover 5781 / 2021 - pdf

- Meuchedet: Kosher for Pesach Medicine List - online search - English / Hebrew

- Clalit: Kosher for Pesach Medicine List - pdf

- Maccabi: Kosher for Pesach Medicine List - pdf

- Leumit: Kosher for Pesach Medicine List - pdf

- STAR-K Product Directory 2021 - pdf

- CRC Passover Guide 2021 - pdf

Passover Videos

Over 760 Videos including 35 new ones for 2021 - 5781

- Jerusalem Boy's Choir - Passover Songs 

- Passover with Mayim Bialik - You Know How I Know?

- Aharon Guerliz - Chad Gadya 

- Beatdos Passover Medley

- The Global Dayenu

- Sabbathsong Klezmer Band: Passover Medley

- Aish: The Passover Weekend - Passover Music Video 2021

- Dayenu - Josh Goldberg 

- Hazzan Israel Eliasz Maroko - Chad Gadya 

- Tali Hecht - Chad Gadya

- Passover Seder Medley - Azi Schwartz and Children

- Passover Medley on PBS- Cantor Netanel Hershtik

- HiliMood: Leaving Egypt - for Kids

- The 13 Types of Wine Drinkers at the Passover Seder

- Ynet: Increase for Passover Packages for the Needy

- Laws of Passover: Using a Candle and a Flashlight for Bedikas Chometz

- Rav Dayan Elgrod: Passover 2021

- Jamie Geller and guest Cookbook Author Jake Cohen

- Officially Julie: A Recipe for Disaster: A Passover Comedy

- Pesach Perspective: The Wise Son

- How to Make Your Passover Seder More Meaningful

- Pink Panther Pesach 

- The Year That Pesach Got Cancelled

- The Meaning of the 4 Shabbatot Before Passover

- PAS Pesach Commercial

- How to make a Sodastream kosher for Pesach

- Pesach on Saturday Night: Get It Right - with Rabbi E

- Chabad Denmark: Passover Message - Danish

- How to prepare the Shabbat meal before Pesach

- Songs from the Pesach Cantata

and more....

Passover Humor

- Ma Nishtana 2021

- Quarantine and Passover Venn Diagram

- The Jewish Mask Collection

- Dr. Seuss and Social Distancing during Pesach

and more....


Please share. Thank You!

May everyone have a safe, healthy, 

kosher and happy Passover.

Chag Pesach Sameach!


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Updated: 160 Adon Olam Videos

 Hi Everyone!

I updated the Adon Olam Video page at:

There are now 160 Adon Olam videos on the page.

The page also includes the Hebrew words with vowels and

an English transliteration and English translation.


Please share. Thank you!

I am currently updating the Passover educational resources, 

humor files and videos on my site. 

Meanwhile, here is a sample of the Passover humor files:

Matzah - The Original Fast Food

Stay Safe and Have a Good Day,