Tuesday, November 30, 2021

New Israeli Educational Stamps

 Hi Everyone!

I posted online images of the new Israeli stamps that were

issued today, November 30, 2021. Under each stamp is a link to

a Hebrew / English PDF file with information about the stamp.

* Waterfalls in Israel

- Banyas Waterfall

- David Waterfall

- En Avdat Waterfall

* Mouth And Foot Painting

- Foot Painting

- Mouth Painting

* Israel-Czech Republic Joint Issue

* With Thanks to All Those Fighting COVID-19

The new stamp images are posted at:


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Chanukah Sameach!



Monday, November 22, 2021

Thanksgiving vocabulary sheets, humor and new links sections

 Hi Everyone!

Prepare for Thanksgiving......

English - Hebrew Thanksgiving Vocabulary Sheets:


I updated the Thanksgiving humor page at:


I added four new Youtube sections to my links page at:


- Youtube Israel News Channels

- Youtube Jewish Educational Channels

- Youtube Jewish Music Channels

- Youtube Technology Channels


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Happy Thanksgiving!



Sunday, November 21, 2021

Over 1,100 Chanukah Videos including 30 favorites from the past 16 years

 Hi Everyone!

I added new 2021 videos to the Chanukah video list at:


There are now over 1,100 Chanukah videos 

posted from the past 16 years.

If you do not have time to watch them all, 

at the top of the list are 30 favorites including:


* The Yeshiva Boys Choir "Live" - Those Were The Nights of Chanukah

* Six13 and Friends: Al Hanissim - Hebrew

* EZToddler: Why do we Celebrate Chanukah - Hebrew, for kids

* Menchem Lifschitz - Bouncing Hanukkah Set - Hebrew


* Jerusalem Boy's Choir - Chanukah Medley - Hebrew

* Evanston Symphony Orchestra - A Chanukah Overture

* Six13 - Arianukah - An Ariana Grande Chanukah


* Six13 - A Star Wars Chanukah

* Kippa Families - Al Ha'Nissim


* BeatDos: "Rachok Mikulam" - Chanukah Version

* The Maccabeats - I Have a Little Dreidel - Hanukkah


* Boys Town: The Dreidel Song - Sevivon Sov Sov Sov

* Six13 - Al Hanissim - Bridgeside Live


* Hanukkah oh Hanukkah - Shir Soul


* The Maccabeats - Latke Recipe - Hanukkah


* The Maccabeats - All About That Neis - Hanukkah

* Six13 - Chanukah  - Shake It Off

* Hanukkah - Dreidel - music video by Shir Soul

* Hanukkah Song Mashup - Dance Spectacular! - Key Tov Orchestra


* Nes Gadol Haya Po - A Great Miracle Happened Here


* The Shul Hebrew School:

Chanukah Style - A Gangnam Style Parody


* The Yeshiva Boys Choir - Those Were The Nights of Chanukah

* Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages - Official Hanukkah Song

* The Shlomones - The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song

* Light Up the Night - Fountainheads Hanukkah


* The Maccabeats - Candlelight - Hanukkah


* Adam Sandler Chanukah Song

* Kenny Ellis sings his hit single Swingin' Dreidel

* The LeeVees: How Do You Spell Channukkahh

* Nefesh B'Nefesh Hanukkah Flash Mob


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Chanukah Sameach!

Have a Happy Chanukah!

Jacob Richman


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Updated: Chanukah Stamps

Hi Everyone!

I updated the Chanukah stamps page which includes Chanukah stamps

from Israel, the United States and Canada.



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Jacob Richman


Sunday, November 7, 2021

Educational resources about Chanukah and over 1,000 Chanukah videos

 Hi Everyone!

Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, is observed for 

eight days, beginning on the evening of the 25th day of 

the Hebrew month of Kislev. This year Chanukah starts 

Sunday night, November 28, 2021.

Chanukah is a wonderful holiday of renewed dedication, 

faith, hope and spiritual light. It's a holiday that says: 

"Never lose hope." Chanukah commemorates the victory of a 

small band of Maccabees over the pagan Syrian-Greeks who 

ruled over Israel. 

The Chanukah Page includes lesson sites in several languages, 

videos, songs, Chanukah trivia quiz, English Hebrew vocabulary lists, 

recipes, games, humor, photos, clipart, coloring pages and 

a map of the sites of the Maccabees 166-161 BCE.

The address is:


The Chanukah Video Page has links to over 1,000

cool Chanukah videos:


The video page will be updated as we get closer to Chanukah. 

Suggestions for new video additions are welcome.

The Chanukah humor section has 97 items that will make you smile.


I added new photos to the Chanukah Gallery at:



Please share these holiday resources. Thank You!

Have a Good Week!

Shavua Tov!

Jacob Richman


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

My Jewish Games is Back! including smartphones!


Hi Everyone!

My Jewish Games is Back!


In 2010, I launched My Jewish Games based on the Flash langauge.

In December 2020, Adobe closed down support for Flash in all browsers.

Today, I installed a Flash emulator on my website and the

games now work without Flash support.

On the new platform, the games also work on smartphones.

The four games on the site include:

The Language Match Game - English and Hebrew

Word Search - currently only English

Hebrew Hangman

The Israel Geography Game - English


Feedback is welcome.

Please share. Thank you.

Have a good night,

Jacob Richman


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

104th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration - November 2, 2021

 Hi Everyone!

The 104th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration is today, 

November 2, 2021.

I created a resource page about the Balfour Declaration at: 


Feedback is welcome.

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Have a good day,

Jacob Richman