Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Website: My Hebrew Programs

Hi Everyone!

I created a new website called:

My Hebrew Programs

This new site includes updated versions of two useful programs.

The Hebrew Sign Maker
Print Hebrew signs without Hebrew support. There are 11 fonts and two sizes to choose from. There are two special script trace fonts that will help your students learn how to write Hebrew script.

In Memory Of
When you visit a Jewish grave site, it is a Jewish tradition to read selected Tehillim (Book of Psalms). There are fixed verses and special verses that are read for each letter of the person's name. The special verses are called "Otiyot Neshama". The program also includes an option to print a transliterated and translated English version of the mourners' Kaddish.

Please share this new educational resource with friends, relatives and co-workers. Thank You!

As always, feedback is welcome!

Have a good day,

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