Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Website: Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

Hi Everyone!

I have a new website called:
Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

Each joke is displayed in Hebrew with Nikud, and there is an English translation of the joke. The jokes are suitable for all ages.

The bilingual menus allow you to browse through the jokes, choose a specific topic or click on the random button for a joke. If you do not have time to read all the jokes at once, when you return to the site you can continue where you left off (next joke number). The system, also, has a joke basket where you can add your favorite jokes and then print them out.

Reading jokes in Hebrew can be a fun activity in your ulpan or Hebrew class. Even native Hebrew speakers will find jokes that are worth telling their friends.

In the About / Help page of the site, there are buttons where you can share this unique site with friends on your favorite social networks. Thanks!

Your feedback / comments about this new site are welcome.

Have a good day,

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