Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Video: Learn Hebrew Phrases - Shopping for Clothes

Hi Everyone!

I created a new learn Hebrew video called "Shopping for Clothes".
The video includes 15 Hebrew phrases with Hebrew audio,
Hebrew text with vowels, English translations and transliterations.
The phrases in the new video include:
Which clothing store do you recommend?
Which different colors do these short sleeve shirts come in?
Do you have long sleeve white shirts?
The suit fits you perfectly.
Do you have a tie that matches my shirt?
How much does it cost?
All summer clothes are now on the end of season sale.
You look great in that dress.
Where can I try it on?
Do you have cotton socks?
The black belt is good for all types of pants.
Do you do alterations?
It is too small. I need a bigger size.
Where are the washing instructions?
The garment is perfect for you.
Enjoy your new (something)!

There are additional Hebrew "shopping for clothes" phrases
on the free site.

You can view the video on the website at:
directly on Youtube at:

Feedback is welcome.

Please forward this message to anyone that may be interested
in learning Hebrew. Thanks!

Have a good night,

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