Wednesday, June 5, 2013

8th Century BCE King's Seal at the Israel Museum

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Today, I was in the Israel Museum taking photos for a project I am working on. I have not been to the museum in many years and I was amazed. I spent four hours there and I did not get to see everything. The Judaica section is especially interesting including re-creations of several synagogues from around the world.
If you have not visited the museum recently, it is definitely worth spending a day there. The entrance fee includes a wireless audio device (in several languages) to listen to descriptions of various exhibits. Very nice application.

While I was visiting the museum, I was also looking for an 8th century BCE king's seal that my grandmother, Shoshana Richman z"l, donated over 35 years ago in memory of my grandfather z"l Jacob Richman.
I found it and posted photos at:

I also posted the photos in a Facebook album at:

I saw a black and white photo of the seal but this is the first time I saw the actual seal. Very Cool!

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