Monday, July 8, 2013

New Video: Learn Hebrew Phrases - Days and Time

Hi Everyone!

I created a new learn Hebrew video about days and time.

The video includes 16 Hebrew phrases with Hebrew audio,
Hebrew text with vowels, English translations and transliterations.

What time is it?
The time is 2:30
There is news on the radio every half hour.
The movie starts in ten minutes.
I warmed up the roll in the microwave for 30 seconds.
The first bus in the morning leaves at 6:15.
Today was the tomorrow of yesterday.
The Israeli work week starts on Sunday.
Our supermarket has a sale on fruit and vegetables every Tuesday.
Thursday night the stores are open till a late hour.
On Friday I buy Chalot for Shabbat.
I do not work on Shabbat. (f)
Independents pay taxes every fifteenth of the month.
The telephone bill comes once every two months,
and that is why it is called bi-monthly.
We pay the city tax every quarter (of the year).
Every year I have a birthday.

You can view the video on the website at:
directly on Youtube at:

Feedback is welcome.

Please share the video. Thank you!

Shavua Tov - Have a good week,

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