Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Israeli Stamps, 29 years in Israel, Shana Tova!

Hi Everyone!

I scanned and posted on my website the new Israeli stamps
that were issued in August 2013.

I included the stamp itself, the first day cover,
and an English and a Hebrew flyer about the stamp.

Festivals 2013 - Etrog Boxes
- Bezalel, Jerusalem, 20th Century
- Austria, 19th Century
- Iraq, 19th Century

- Betar - World Zionist Youth Movement

- IMI - Israel Military Industries (1933-2013)

- Endangered Species - From the Desert to the Arctic
Israel - Greenland Joint Issue

Israeli Music - Children's Songs (12 stamps + plate block)
- I Am Always Me
- Merry Choir
- The Prettiest Girl in Kindergarten
- Why Does the Zebra Wear Pajamas?
- Buba Zehava (Doll)
- I Wanted You to Know
- What Do the Does Do?
- Brave Clock
- My Dad
- The Post Van
- Horse Rider
- Brave Danny

The new stamp images are located at:

I also uploaded the images to Facebook.
The Facebook address is:

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This Friday (August 30) marks my 29th anniversary
of making aliyah - moving to Israel.
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and
I still have my Brooklyn accent (and proud of it!).
Back in the 80's there was a t-shirt that said it all:
"I love New York but Israel is my home".
If you want to know why I made aliyah, check out
the videos and articles at:

Next week is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.
I posted Rosh Hashana educational resources at:

The Rosh Hashana video list now has 256 video links.
I am sure it will get larger over the next week.
Enjoy the videos at:

Chag Sameach and Shana Tova!

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