Monday, March 21, 2016

298 Purim videos and counting....

Hi Everyone!

The Purim video list is growing every day.
There are now 298 Purim videos at:

New ones include:
- Shir Soul: Chag Purim - a percapella Purim grogger mash-up
- Esther vs. Haman: A Modern-Day Purim
- Achim Freund & Yanky Briskman - Purim Medley
- Promo for Shuk Purim (Hebrew)
- Esther's A Jew - Purim Parody
- Katz Hillel Day School Purim Video
- Purim at My House - Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos
- Quick Craft: Two-Minute Grogger for Purim!
- Purim at Chabad Stony Brook
- Eliana Light: 4 Mitzvot 4 Purim! New Children's Purim Song
- Purim Happy Session
- Oorah: 3,000 Purim Packages!
- Franciska Kay - Avadti (Megilat Esther)
- Jewish Music Toronto: Shoshanat Yaakov - Purim Multitrack
- Elan Mazer Dvar Torah Purim
- Layehudim - Hillel Kapnick
- Aish: My Father's Best Marriage Advice & the Power of Purim
- The Caps Band: The Purim Song
- Purim Message from ProMedia
- Purim - A Nation Among Nations: Weekly Insights with Rabbi Lankry
- Stanford College Jewish Studies Students: Purim 2016!
- BMAD Wilkes Purim Music Video
- Purim Parade in Ariel
- Ramzor Adom - Purim Songs Remix 2016
- Purim with Fairy Tales (Hebrew)
- Special Purim #2: Indian Makeup (Hebrew)
- Makeup for Superman Costume (Hebrew)
- Mabat News Report: Inexpensive Purim Costumes (Hebrew)
- Have Fun It's Chag Purim - Holliswood Youth Department
- Inside Israel: Purim Happiness from Israel

Tonight, I added a cool "Pillsbury" photo to the Purim Photo Gallery at:

Enjoy the videos and photos.

Happy Purim!
Purim Sameach!

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