Monday, May 27, 2019

Large Update: The Shabbat Page

Hi Everyone!

I did a large update of the Shabbat Page at:

The updated page includes:

- English Sites about Shabbat
- Hebrew Sites about Shabbat
- Other Language Shabbat sites
- Shabbat Candle Lighting Times
- The Weekly Torah Portion in English - 24 links
- The Weekly Torah Portion in Hebrew - 13 links
- Find a Spot for Shabbat
- Recipes for Shabbat Dishes
- Challah Photos
- Shabbat Clip Art
- Shabbat Graphics / Posters from around the Net
- Coloring Pages about Shabbat
- Shabbat Multi-Lingual Word Search Game
- The Jewish Trivia Quiz - Topic: Shabbat
- English - Hebrew Shabbat Vocabulary Study Sheets
- Over 75 YouTube Videos about Shabbat
- Shabbat Songs and Prayers - mp3's and lyrics
- Over 130 Shabbat Songs on Spotify


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