Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Update: Chanukah Humor Pages

 Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying Chanukah.

Here are the newest additions to the Chanuka Humor Pages

* Star Trek Chanukah

* Dreidal Sliders

* Mars Insight

* The Eight Days of Chanukkah

* The Potato Heads

* Day Eight

* Happy Hanukkah from Alaska

* Happy Marijuhanukkah

* The Largest Lego Brick Menorah

* Toy Story - The Holiday Edition

* Reverse Hanukkah Miracle

*  Ancient Judea Olive Oil

*  USA Menorah

* Challah Chanukkiyot - additions

* Veggie, Fruit and Sushi Menorah - additions

Oldies but goodies:

* The USS Menorahprise

*  It's Like This One, Only Bigger.

* Ending Time to Eat Sufganiyot

* Easier to Spell in Hebrew

* Snoopy the Maccabi

* Defending the Jewish Homeland

* Harry Potter and Hanukkah

* Hanukkah Food Pyramid


Please share. Thank You!

Chanukah Sameach!

Have a Happy Chanukah!


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