Tuesday, April 10, 2007

162 Educational Websites about the Holocaust

Holocaust Remembrance Day is Monday, April 16, 2007.
I posted on my website 162 links to learn about the Holocaust.
Site languages include English, Hebrew, French, German,
Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
All 162 links have been reviewed / checked this week.

The web address is:

The top of the page should be dated April 10, 2007.
If the page has an older date, hold the control key and press
the F5 key to refresh your browser with the updated page.

Please forward this message to relatives and friends,
so they can benefit from these educational resources.

We must not forget.


Ephraim said...

I'm surprized how many of these sites there are. Holocaust memorialization is important, but still, I wonder what would happen if we re-invested a tenth of that money in Jewish education instead.

Jacob Richman said...

There are many non-Jewish sites on the list. Regarding Jewish education - I consider Holocaust memorialization and education an important subject within Jewish education.