Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Israeli Educational Stamps including Yom Kippur Poem Stamps

Hi Everyone!

I scanned and posted on my website the new Israeli stamps that were issued in September 2016.
I included the stamp itself, the first day cover, and an English and a Hebrew flyer about the stamp.

Festivals 2016 - Yom Kippur Poem
- "As the clay in the hand of The Potter"
- "As the glass in the hand of The Glazer"
- "As the silver in the hand of The Silversmith"

Parables of the Sages
- The Fox in the Vineyard
- The Lion and the Heron
- The Reed and the Cedar

- Casualties of War and Terror Appreciation Day

- Israel-Bulgaria Joint Issue: Bird Migration

- Seasons in Israel - Autumn

- Seasons in Israel - Souvenir Sheet

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