Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Rosh Hashana Trivia Quiz and over 520 Videos about Rosh Hashana

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Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year 5777, begins Sunday night, October 2, 2016.

The Jewish Trivia Quiz - topic: Rosh Hashana has 55 multiple choice questions about Rosh Hashana.

Which special prayer is said in the days before Rosh Hashana ?
Which group of foods is customary to eat on Rosh Hashana ?
What are the other three names of Rosh Hashana ?
How many times is the shofar sounded during Rosh Hashana ?
Which food is customary NOT to eat on Rosh Hashana ?

The above questions are examples from the multiple choice quiz.
There are two levels of questions and two timer settings.
For teachers, there is a special print function to select questions
and print your own customized quiz.
Adults and children will find the quiz entertaining and educational.

Over 520 Rosh Hashana Cool Videos
There is something for everyone.

New videos added this month include:
- Rosh Hashanah: Can’t Stop the Feeling
- Shana Tova from Meitar Opera Studio - Hebrew
- Shana Tova from the Lone Soldiers 5777
- Chief Rabbi Goldstein's Rosh Hashanah Message 2016
- Shana Tova KTM Montreal 2016!
- Technion's Rosh Hashanah Beat Shana Tova 2016
- How, What and Why You Need to Change
- 1 Minute Insight: Closeness to Hashem in Elul
- Rosh HaShana Special: Feeling the Love on the Day of Judgement - animation
- Rosh Hashana Game
- Etnika - Shana Tova Songs - instrumental
- KEF Se viene Roshashana
- Shofar Shrills / Cheap Thrills - Sia Rosh Hashanah Parody by the Singers
- Joan Nathan's Moroccan Carrot Salad for Rosh Hashanah
- Shana Tova from Yad Eliezer
- Shana Tova 5777 - Sharing the Apple
- Shana Tova from Prigat - Hebrew
- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin speaks about Rosh Hashanah 5777
- Magen David Adom Volunteers Collecting Food for the Needy
- Motty Steinmatz, Yedidim Choir "Rosh Hashanah Medley"
- Shana Tova Greetings from JobKatif
- Pomegranate Cupcakes - Hebrew
- Special Har Hermon Holday Wine Bottles - Donation to Alut - Hebrew
- Shana Tova at Jewish Care
- Shana Tova from the Rashi Foundation
- Shana Tova from Morasha
- Shana Tova First Grade - Hebrew
- Happy New Year from The Hebrew University
- Dip Your Apple - Madison Wisconsin Jewish Community
- Jew in the City: 50 Second Rosh HaShanah Recipe: Fried Apple Rings
- KMTV Action 3 News: Rosh Hashana Dishes
- Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein visiting Yad B'Yad Food Distribution Center
- Shana Tova from the Nickelodeon Channel
- Harry's Video Blog - Rock Stars: Rosh Hashana

Additional videos will be added before Rosh Hashana.

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I posted on my website 70 links about Rosh Hashana, ranging from
laws and customs to games and recipes. Site languages include English,
Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian and Spanish.

Please share the resources. Thank you!


Have a Good Year!
Shana Tova!
Jacob Richman

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